Selling a Franchise chosen charity – Buttle UK

Selling a Franchise (SAF) are pleased to announce that they will be donating a percentage of turnover to their chosen charity, Buttle UK’s ‘Chances for Children Campaign’, reports Michael Bohan, director at SAF.

About Buttle UK

Buttle UK was named after Frank Buttle, who was a remarkable man whose hard work and personal sacrifice helped him to establish their grant programmes, which have been helping children and young people in need across the UK since 1953.

Buttle UK commented: “We all know these are particularly tough times for many children and families in the UK. Currently 1.4 million families are experiencing ‘problem debt’ in the UK and 2.4 million children are living in these households. With the Institute for Fiscal Studies projecting that relative child poverty will rise by a staggering 50% by 2020, the situation looks only to be getting worse.

“The families and young people we support are not only struggling financially but they are also experiencing other difficulties in their lives, most commonly domestic abuse, alcohol abuse and children’s ill-health.

“Last year alone we provided £3.9 million in direct, efficient and intelligently targeted grants to nearly 30,000 children. Over the last 13 years we have distributed nearly £16 million on behalf of BBC’s Children in Need.

“These are tough times, the number of children in crisis is rising.

Chances for Children Campaign

“We must do more. That is why we have launched our Chances for Children Campaign; to raise £20 million over the next five years so that we can help more children and their families who have nowhere left to turn … to give life-changing grants to support 35,000 of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

“These highly targeted, timely and relatively small grants, give children the chance to transform their lives – the chance to fulfil their potential.

“Chances for Children Grants will provide emergency essentials (e.g. providing a bed to sleep in or replacing a broken cooker) as well as critical longer-term emotional and practical help such as counselling, learning support, uniforms, books, computers and after school activities. Help that is life changing for a child in crisis.

“Grants will be given via our extensive network of referring partners, which include teachers, social workers, GPs, other charities and community organisations. Each grant will be around £1,500 and will be geared to help the whole family – on average supporting up to three children.

“The fund that our founder Frank Buttle created allows us to cover our own administration costs, this means 100% of a donation can go directly to a child.”

If you would like to donate to Buttle UK’s campaign, please click here.