Smart PA – all regions

Looking for offers in the region of: £ 9,000

Relocatable? Yes

Business Information

I am looking to sell my franchise as being self-employed/working for myself is not right for me. The beauty of this franchise is that it can be operated anywhere in the country from the comfort of your own home. Clients do not need to be in the same location geographically. Please take a look at the franchisor’s website; this illustrates the professionalism and ambition of the company.

The cost to purchase this franchise as a new venture is £15,000 (plus VAT), you will be given comprehensive training so you can become an accredited Smart PA partner. I am willing to accept a significantly lower price as I wish to remove myself from the obligations to the franchisor in the very near future.

I enjoyed the accreditation and training process but ultimately it’s not right for me.

Franchise Information

SmartPA are the leading providers of expert PA, Administrative and Business Support to businesses globally. SmartPA Partnership provides a unique opportunity for Partners to run their own home based business, delivering SmartPA’s world-class back office services.

Whether you want flexible working hours, increased income, better work-life balance or minimised childcare costs, SmartPA enables you to achieve your goals.

Part of recognised industry leading brand SmartPA are committed to supporting the success and growth of your business. Each Partner is guaranteed a ‘Bonus Client’ from Head Office, earning your business £6,000+ income per annum.

In addition, you are provided with expert support from our digital marketing team to generate sales. Partners can also increase their income with ‘Perks’ and ‘Top Ups’ from Head Office

Features include:
Flexible working hours
Choice of 9 different business models, from Account Management and International Development to Corporate Sales and Client Support
Secured income through clients handed out via Head Office
Average income of £8,000 – £10,000 per month(full-time) and £2,500 – £4,000 (part-time)
A team mentality
Expert training and SmartPA Accreditation
Access to innovative technology
A Support Team ready to assist you
Tried-and-tested business model
Proven success
Corporate opportunities available
Your Secured Income

Unlike most other business opportunities, we will also support you financially! Each partner is promised at least one ‘bonus client’ from head office, earning your business £6,000 – £18,000 income per annum alone. Partners can also increase their income with ‘perks’ and ‘top ups’ from head office.

On average, our part-time partners have an income of £2,500 – £4,000, while our full-time partners earn up to £10,000 per month on average.

Our People
Our partners come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, each bringing a unique skill set, ensuring that SmartPA has the widest skill set on offer to business communities around the world.

Previous PA experience is not essential, but a positive attitude is! We are looking for individuals with drive, dedication, passion and an eagerness to learn.

Financial Information

There is a £150 (plus VAT) management fee per month but the franchise guarantee you a bonus client worth £6,000 per annum.