I bought the gomedia franchise in March 2017 for £15,000 plus vat. The cost for this franchise now from gomedia themselves is £25,000 plus vat which includes everything including training to start your business.

The reason why I am selling and very reluctantly is because that I sold my house in Feb 2017 and moved to Sutton in Surrey and was going to rent a property and realised the rents were so high, I went to the bank for a mortgage and they would not entertain me as I had no books and told me to get wage slips for a minimum of 8 months, which I have now but settled in full time employment and pays the mortgage. The business has no turnover and hence no profit and is relocatable but please check first that you can cover the area that you wish to move the business to as it is home-based and can be relocatable but must be checked first prior to purchasing.

The franchise carries no extra costs incurred as agreed with the franchiser i.e. no legal fees or transfer costs. Head office will want to meet the owner first to make sure there is a fit for both parties and head office will charge for a few days training to learn the business model and gomedia will put you up in a hotel for a few days.